Visa and Ticket facility

We assist students and their family members in preparation and submission of documents for Visa. We further provide assistance in arranging tickets through M/s Golden Wings Pvt. Ltd. ( )

  • Visitor Visas for Dependants and Parents of Students currently studying or Settled in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Student Dependant Visas for Spouse and Dependants of Students currently studying in Australia.
  • Spouse Dependant Visas for Dependants of Students who have already obtained Permanent Residency or Citizenship.
  • Parent Migration for Parents of students settled
  • Migration Visas for Selected Skilled Occupations.
  • Best deal for tickets
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Contact us at the Academic Avenues office nearest to you or submit a Admission inquiry online.

Academic Avenues gave me step by step guidance to get into my dream college, if it has not been Academic Avenues I would have dropped a year and that might have affected my resume.
Thank you team
Academic Avenues.

Prashant Mittal
MBA student