The Irish Economy has one of the highest growth rates in the European Union and the World and often referred to as the “Celtic Tiger”. It is widely believed that the quality of the Irish Education System is one of the predominant contributing factors influencing to the rapid economic growth. The Republic of Ireland is a Independent English speaking nation situated on the Western edge of Europe and attracts students from throughout the world. Ireland is a member of the European Union since 1973, which provides a very Modern environment for the International students.

The qualification is governed by the Department of Education & Science (DES) and regulates the curriculum, Syllabus and National Examinations. There are 9 Universities and Number of Institutions and Colleges providing tertiary education in Ireland. The University confers their degrees through their colleges and the Non-University colleges’ qualifications are regulated and awarded through the Higher Education Training Awards Council (HETAC). The qualification standards are monitored at all levels of Higher Education up to the PhD Level.

The regulated Education system of Ireland has paved way for standardized qualifications that meet the current Industry standards and hence the degrees conferred from Irish Institutions commands a world-class reputation. All Irish awards are included in the National framework of Qualifications maintained by the National Qualification Authority of Ireland ( and the quality and standard is fully recognized globally for further studies and employment.

All Bachelor Degrees are for 4 to 5 years.

Masters Degree’s duration would depend on the basis of your bachelor’s degree. The master’s degree in Ireland is mainly through research or through taught programme. Normally the duration for master degree is one to two years.

Business courses: EURO 9,400 – EURO 13,000 per annum

Science, Engineering & Technology Courses: EURO 9,600 – EURO 13,000 per annum

Medicine related Courses: EURO18,000 – EURO26,000 per annum

Arts, Social Science and Law Courses: EURO 9,400 – EURO 13,000 per annum

Masters Programmes: EURO 3,000 – EURO 10,000

You require EURO 6,000 – 7, 000 per annum to support your living in Ireland.

The students enrolling in courses for a duration of 1 year and above for courses approved by the Department of Education would be allowed to work part time during studies for up to 20 hours per week and full time during summer vacations.

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