Counseling for admission

Counseling for admission in Universities overseas

Our personalized counseling helps to assess the candidates capabilities and strength in particular areas. This helps in identifying suitable program from various options available. Students carry myth about courses and available options. Our interaction helps them to understand and choose from the options available based on their given strength.

Besides knowledge on ‘basic requirement for courses available’, students have many other questions related to fee, career opportunity and questions related to residence status and working opportunity in that particular country. Such questions are personal and may differ for each individual, for this reason we invite students to visit our offices with their parents and attend our counseling sessions. Although some of the basic questions are posted in our FAQ section.

Our counseling sessions provide:

  • Group or individual counseling to assist students making right choices for various courses and institutions available
  • Assistance in arranging admission to particular course and university/institution.
  • Information on the outcome of the course, including settlement, work permit etc.
  • Complete information and documentation for Visa
  • Pre-departure briefings on life, culture, part-time work etc
  • Guidance and arrangement for travel, foreign exchange, airport pick-up, accommodation, insurance etc


In case of any query you may register at our site and post the same.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Academic Avenues office nearest to you or submit a Admission inquiry online.

Academic Avenues gave me step by step guidance to get into my dream college, if it has not been Academic Avenues I would have dropped a year and that might have affected my resume.
Thank you team
Academic Avenues.

Prashant Mittal
MBA student